19 April, 2014
by Mansur Mustafin

Full collection Images from each of our camera team members

Hereby we present the full collection of photos from each of our camera team members.
The contact information (e-mail) is listed below each name

Images by Norman Kent

Images by Henny Wiggers

Images by David Major

Images by Igor Konstatinov

Images by Andrey Veselov

Images by Willy Boeykens

Images by Sergey Kuleshov

5 April, 2014 by Mansur Mustafin | 0 comments

World Team didn’t complete a FAI sanctioned world record today. The final jump was almost completed, but it fell short by two skydivers that were unable to link up. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of World Team with this final event Fly It Forward, the way we started it in 1994, in Bratislava, Slovakia. The goal back then was a one-point 222-way and we completed an unofficial 216-way record. World Team’s history is now set, like an oreo cookie, the cream was in the middle. Three major world records were set in the midterm of World Team’s career. In 1999 World team completed a one point, FAI world record, a 282-way. In 2004 we completed an official one point 357-way, FAI world record. In 2006, we beat our own record, with the FAI world record that still stands, a 400-way.

The record we attempted to set this week was extremely difficult. In 1994, the goal was just a ONE point 222-way. Today, twenty years late we achieved TWO almost complete 221-way formations in one skydive. Only two skydivers were out, making the final attempt an unofficial 2-point 219-way.

The spirit right now is still great. Everyone gave their best. Skydive Arizona was an incredible host. They supported us with 10 aircraft that were flown by their outstanding cadre of pilots in perfect formation. The Alpha team, or bench, stood by all week and for the final jumps, contributed several members to the main team. The nine cameramen on the team shot amazing video and photographs. There were numerous support personnel who supported the team with administration, aircraft maintenance, transport from the various landing areas, packing, food, massages and most importantly – team spirit.

There is great camaraderie between these sportsmen and women who worked so hard this week. They maintained through difficult weather delays, which cost the team at least six jumps and the tragedy of an accident to one member of the team. They did some amazing flying and created some incredible skydive formations. The gauntlet has now been passed to the next generation of skydivers.

Text: Gulcin Gilbert
Photo: Andrey Veselov, Mansur Mustafin


arizona copy

Video will be available on our vimeo site: Fly It Forward 2014

4 April, 2014
by Mansur Mustafin

03rd April 2014 – Today was a sad day for the World Team.

By Gulcin Gilbert

Today was a sad day for the World Team. In the 20 years that our team has been organizing records, we have never had a fatal accident on a record attempt. Safety has always been the number one priority for the team. We lost a dear friend today. This skydiver had a malfunction after opening the main parachute. The reserve parachute was opened too low to inflate. The incident was not related to the size of the group nor were any other skydivers involved. This is the type of accident that could possibly happen on any skydive. It is one the inherent risks of our sport.

The whole team met after this accident and amid the hugs and tears agreed to create a special jump, a missing man (sector) formation skydive, to honor our fallen friend.

Images by our Camera Team

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Some very sad news from this morning

3 April, 2014 by Mansur Mustafin | 0 comments

On April 3, 2014 at approximately 7:30 a.m. an experienced skydiver had a main parachute malfunction. The malfunctioning parachute was released too low to allow the reserve parachute to fully open. The skydiver was declared dead at the scene.

The skydiver was participating in an invitational 222-Way world record attempt. However, the incident was not related to the size of the group nor were any other skydivers involved. There were no problems related to aircraft, and weather conditions were good. The name of the skydiver is currently being withheld pending notification of the family.

The whole team met after this accident and amid the hugs and tears agreed to create a special jump, a missing man (sector) formation skydive, to honor their fallen friend.

Missing sector formation by Henny Wiggers Wiggers

It is alway a difficult decision for the organizers to make after a tragedy, but the team as a whole has decided to keep moving towards the record. However it will no longer be a two point 222-way. It will be a 2 point 221-way. Our dear friend can not and will not be replaced. The group will continue to hold the slot open in the skydiver’s honor.

02nd April 2014 – We are getting closer

2 April, 2014 by Mansur Mustafin | 0 comments

The team was only able to make two jumps today. It was a very early show, at 0630, 222 skydivers, 10 pilots, and a slew of support staff were on hand and the jumpers were geared up ready to dirt dive once or twice before a 0700 launch of the 10 aircraft….and then a 40 mile swath of low clouds passed overhead. Apparently Arizona does have clouds now and then.

The captains had a conference and decided to work with a slightly smaller group during the “weather hold” and then launch that group as soon as the clouds passed over. Since there had been some personnel changes in the base and to give the rest of the group the confidence that there would be a solid core for them to build on, director BJ Worth made the decision to practice one dive with the 42-way Base to be docked on by only 66 other skydivers, all the ones in yellow jumpsuits, building on the base, for a total of 108 skydivers in this formation. He also sent up six cameramen to document the results.

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01st April 2014 – DAY 5 – Aim is the Point 1

1 April, 2014 by Mansur Mustafin | 0 comments

The team has just come down from its third attempt of the day, practicing the first point of the 222-way skydive formation. It was a good jump but not nearly a completion. They are focused at this point on building a solid 222-way. Once the first point is achieved, the team will make the move to fly the second point.

The first point of the day, the base built and the skydivers in the six sectors got close to the base, with some docking. The second jump of the day looked really good. About a 50% improvement over the first one with two sectors completing and other sectors quite close. Our director, BJ Worth, is pleased. The team is progressing on a steady pace. Winds and dust devils, mini-tornados, that frequent the desert, came up a bit on this jump but everyone landed safely.

“Several sectors of the third and last jump today looked close to completion but we need the whole formation to build before moving onto the 2nd point,” BJ told the Team Captains. “The 2nd point is a three second move, so it will happen quickly once the first point is built.”

Photos by our camera team are here

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